The Cry for Gentleness

In my years of counseling at Bethel, I have seen much unforgiveness, resentment, rage, blame, slander and other self-centered attitudes. Self-centeredness naturally exhibits a lack of gentleness towards others. A person must first identify and repent of his own sin before he can exhibit a spirit of gentleness on those loved ones he has wounded… Read More »The Cry for Gentleness

Sin Is The Problem!

Two things were emphasized in the Lord’s admonition to the woman caught in adultery; “Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more”. Both ingredients are needed by the sinner. It seems to me in my years of counseling that more emphasis is given the first admonition; “Neither do I condemn you” than the… Read More »Sin Is The Problem!

Holiday Loneliness

Soon Thanksgiving and Christmas will be upon us. The holidays can be a time of joy or a time of brooding. Some will succumb to the latter and come under a cloud of loneliness. In reflecting upon their circumstances, a person may say to themselves; “Why does the Lord our God do these things?” Jeremiah… Read More »Holiday Loneliness

The Accursed Thing

The ministry of Bethel Colony of Mercy is to sanctify the men God brings here. This is a process of determining what the need of each student is. Many have had an experience with Christ in their past but through their negligence or recklessness they are totally disarmed by a habitual ungodly mind-set and behavior.… Read More »The Accursed Thing