Dear Family of Bethel student,

The staff of Bethel Colony of Mercy wants you to know that we care for you and your family. We are not just interested in ministering to your loved one; we want to minister to you as well. Also, we know that God wants to use you as part of the process of reconciling this man to Himself. Our God is a God of restoration and we are trusting Him to restore relationships at home as well as restoring your loved one’s soul.

In helping your loved one get off to a good start, you and he (the Bethel student) have to be committed to Bethel’s whole program. Even though you have been planning for him to be here, he is probably going to struggle with wanting to come home during the 1st two weeks. We are going to do our part to encourage him to stay and we need for you to do the same.

Remember; this is a spiritual, mental and physical battle, but a battle that has already been won through Jesus Christ. Please, you have prayed for him all the way to the door, now keep praying that he will submit and learn everything Jesus wants him to receive while at Bethel. Everything in your loved one is wanting to escape back into his comfort zone, but the Lord is bringing him to the “potter’s house” so he can shape him (Jer. 18). So, to allow this work to happen in him, help us keep him here. If he calls you and wants to leave, call us to see what is going on before you make any decisions.

Remember; when a man is in sin he will lie and manipulate to get his way. So, call us before you come to Bethel and he leaves without finishing the program. We find that most who leave before finishing the program continue in their addiction. Let’s communicate in order to help him work through this transition in life so he may learn how to overcome in future transitions.

Bethel has specific rules. Make sure you know what IS and IS NOT allowed at Bethel so that you do not contribute to your loved one being dismissed from Bethel early due to rules violation. If you have any questions, please ask a staff member.

Many family members have asked what they can and should be doing while their loved one is at Bethel. The following is a list of suggestions which we hope will be encouraging to you.

To follow link to an illustration of a prayer that was recommended to some Christian parents whose son was living in rebellion click here.  Click title to follow link to a testimony of God’s Mercy Through Prayer.

The following is a list of suggestions which we hope will be encouraging to you.

Some things you and your family should be doing while your loved one is at Bethel include:

Personal Bible study

This is a vital need in every Christian’s life.

Free personal Bible studies for all ages are available from The Mail Box Club.

Church involvement

If you are not already attending church, you should get involved in a Bible teaching church in your community now.

Ask your home church to pray for you, your family and your loved one.

Make your home church aware of your needs so they can help where possible.


Pray for the salvation of your loved one.

Pray for deliverance and freedom from their bondage (addiction) to alcohol and/or other drugs.

Pray for a heart-change and a lifestyle change in your loved one.

Pray that they will make a true commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ while at Bethel.

Pray for their needs to be met at Bethel and for your needs to be met at home while they are at Bethel.

Pray for wisdom and discernment for yourself as you communicate with your loved one.

Pray for patience and gentleness for yourself. It will be needed during this trying time.


We encourage you to contact your loved one often while he is at Bethel. Public pay phones are available with a 15 minute limit on conversations.

– The student will need money to make calls. (Change machine available.)
Incoming calls are not accepted.
Calling Cards are not accepted.

– They are open for use daily (except during special events):
from 11:45pm until 1:00pm
from 4:30pm until 10:30pm

Visitation schedule (except during special events):

Saturdays from 3:00pm until 10:00pm;
Sundays from 1:00pm until 6:00pm

A Bethel student must put in a request for a visit and visits are allowed for:

Wives and children
Parents and siblings

Send letters to your loved one often and encourage your church to send cards to:

Student’s Name, c/o Bethel Colony, 1675 Bethel Colony Road, Lenoir, NC 28645

Remember; your loved one’s main focus should be on what he is learning while at Bethel. Problems and situations that occur while he is gone need to be filtered. Some things can wait until he gets home. Other things that are important should be brought up gently and rationally. If you are not sure about discussing something with your loved one while at Bethel, ask his counselor for advice. Do not withhold the death of a loved one.


Most of your loved one’s needs will be taken care of while at Bethel. There is not much they will need that Bethel does not provide for them.

There is a canteen where they can purchase small items.

Do not send large amounts of money to them while at Bethel.

Suggested resources

Bondage Breaker by Neil Anderson will give you an idea of what your loved one is experiencing and learning while at Bethel. The Marriage Covenant by Derek Prince emphases the permanency of marriage as established by God.

How you can help Bethel:

Donations; Financial gifts are always needed and appreciated.

Towels, sheets, flatware, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.

Bethel uses the same things you use at home.

Encourage your home church to get involved with the ministry of Bethel.

Pray for Bethel’s staff and volunteers and the other men who are here with your loved one.

We hope this is helpful to you while your loved one is at Bethel. If you have other questions, please email us at and we will try to answer your questions as thoroughly as possible.

We are praying for you as together we trust God who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ask or think in the life of your loved one.

In Christ,
Bethel’s Pastoral Staff