Board of Directors

Jeff Joyce

2012– Present

Rev. Paul Pruitt

2003 – Present

Executive Director
Associate Degree of Biblical Studies – Pastor, Teacher, Counselor

  • Graduated from Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute in 2001
  • Attended Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Has worked as a Commercial Fisherman
  • Flooring Supervisor, and Welder Fabricator

Lee Adams

2008 – present

  • Sales Representative in the furniture industry – 7 years
  • Sales representative in office supplies
  • Deacon, men’s ministry president

Steve James

1984 – Present

  • Self-employed contractor, custom trim
  • Children’s ministry, global missions

Rev. Don Loss

1984 – present

Director of Counseling – Pastor, Teacher, Counselor

  • Graduated from Southern Illinois University in 1971
  • Graduated from Columbia International University in 1984 with M.Div.
  • Has worked as an Assistant Manager
  • E-5 rank in the U.S. Army during 1966-1968 and 1976-1980

H.C. Ledbetter
A.B., M.A., Ed.D

1992 – present

  • College professor, I.T. director, financial planner
  • Sunday school teacher, single’s ministry, disaster relief, mass feeding, food pantry, homeless shelter, church planting

Johnny Morgan

2010 – present

  • Owner of Auto Repair Shop

Kevin Dupre

2017 – present

Tim Hopkins

2020 – present

Stan Brown

2022 – present

  • Graduated from U.S. Air Force Academy with BS in Civil Engineering and University of West Georgia with Master’s in Public Administration
  • Professional Engineer and Instructor with University of Georgia Carl Vinson Institute of Government
  • Retired City Manager and U.S. Air Force Lt Colonel
  • Sunday School teacher and works with Senior Adult Ministry