Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What kind of place is Bethel Colony?
A:  Bethel Colony is a Christian renewal center designed to help those who really want
to change their lives. Victory in Jesus and the truths of the Bible are taught here.

Q:  What must I do to enroll?
A:  You may fill out an application online by going to the menu tab Need our help? / Men’s Campus Application or Women’s Campus Application or call 828-754-3781 (option 1 – Men’s Campus, option 2 – Women’s Campus) to complete an application over the phone.  You will need to have a TB test, HIV test, negative COVID test (or proof of vaccine), and possible flu shoot. Women will also be required to have a negative pregnancy test prior to entering the program.  Results of one or the other are required before you can be placed on the active waiting list. All test results are required before you will be called to come to Bethel Colony of Mercy.

Q How long is the waiting list?
A:  The office manager will call you when a bed is available. (maybe 3-4 weeks) You will be given 48 hours’ notice to come in.

Q:  How much does it cost?
A:  There is an entry fee of $350.00 for student applicants.

Q:  How long is the program?
A:  65 days

Q:  Can I stay longer than 65 days?
A:  The initial program is for 65 days. If at the end of 65 days, it is determined by one of the pastors on staff that you need to stay longer, you may be able to extend in increments of 30 days up to the possiblity of 9 months (if approved for limited available 6-month VSP student program.)

Q:  How many students do you have at one time?
A:  Capacity at the Men’s Campus is 88 men.  Capacity at the Women’s Campus growing up to 20 women at this time.

Q:  What are your visitation policies?
A:  All visits must be pre-approved by staff.

Parents and Wives
• Saturdays from 3:00 pm until 10:00 pm
• Sundays from breakfast until 6:00 pm (student must attend Sunday morning service. Family is encouraged to attend with student. Counseling is available for couples if requested.)

Fiancees (Girlfriends for Men’s Campus or Boyfriends for Women’s Campus)
Are not allowed!  This is a time the student needs to focus on overcoming their problems and developing a relationship with the Lord.
Exception:  Fiancees or Girlfriends/Boyfriends who have biological children with the student may speak with a counselor about a visit.

Q:  How much money can I bring?
A:  All of your basic needs are met while at Bethel Colony of Mercy. There is a canteen on campus where you may purchase soft drinks, candy, popcorn, and other snacks.  $20.00 should be sufficient. If you want to bring more than that, there is a safe available, but we do not recommend that you bring large sums of money.

Q:  What kind of clothes should I bring?
A:  You will need work clothes (clothes, including shoes, that you don’t mind getting dirty) and dress clothes for church services. Suits are not necessary for church, but nice shirts and slacks are recommended. No slogans about beer, bars, drugs, sex, women, tobacco, music, or anything that is contrary to a Christian lifestyle will be allowed.

Q:  What personal items should/can I bring?
A:  You should bring the following items:

• A Bible (if you have one)
• Towels and washcloths (use a laundry marker to identify them)
• 1 Pillow is allowed (Bethel will provide the pillow cases, sheets, and blankets.)
• Personal toiletries such as shaving cream, razor blades, toothbrush, and toothpaste, etc.

You may NOT bring the following:
• Cologne or mouthwash that contains alcohol
• Aerosol sprays
• Clothing with slogans about beer, bars, drugs, sex, women, tobacco, music or anything that is contrary to a Christian lifestyle
• Radios, stereos, walkmans or cd/tape decks of any size, beepers, pagers, cell phones, or any other electronic device
• Magazines, books, audiotapes, videotapes, video games or playing cards
• Caffeinated drinks including coffee
• Over the counter medications

Q:  Does the program really work?
A:  If you really want to change your life then Bethel Colony of Mercy is the place for you. It is not the program that works; it is Jesus Christ that works in and through you to change your life for all eternity! You just need to be willing.

Q:  Where are you located?
A:  Click here for map and directions

Q:  Can I smoke while at Bethel Colony of Mercy?
A:  Cigarette smoking is strongly discouraged; however, it is allowed in designated areas and at designated times only. Manufactured Cigarettes only; vapes, e-cigs, roll your own or any other form of tobacco are NOT allowed.

Q:  What forms of recreation do you have?
A:  There is a gymnasium for basketball and a weight room. We also have volleyball, cornhole, ping pong, softball, and horseshoes. Board games are available as well. Selected television viewing is available at designated times.

Q:  What is the daily routine like?
A:  For a detailed schedule of each day’s activities, click here.