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The Devastation of Failure

One of the most powerful emotions that can shatter one’s soul is failure. Failure arrives on the scene of our lives through many avenues; whether it be moral, financial, vocational or personal. The weight of any failure becomes personal to the one experiencing it. We see this monster raising its’ ugly head all around us. […]

The Quenching of Grace

In reflecting on the failure of many believers floundering recklessly in their faith, I am not surprised at their plight because they have shipwrecked while sailing through reefs, rocks, and routes that the Lord has warned them of in Scripture. Grace has been quenched in their lives because they have left the fountain from where it […]

The Blight of Ignorance

I am drawn to the subject of ignorance that prevails in the lives of many professing Christians. There is rampant idolatry, depression, fear, bondage, sexual immorality, etc., that counselors and pastors have to deal with in the sheep-fold of the Christian faith. In my experience it is the blight of ignorancethat is the cause of […]

4th in a series on Christian Integrity

As I counsel a person in trouble and tribulation, one of the first things I look for is how faithful he has been in attending the local church.  Invariably I find that church attendance has declined drastically or has ceased altogether.  Then I ask him about his salvation experience and most will proclaim that they […]

Refusal to Receive Counseling

One common problem in helping a person out of his sin and into a vital relationship with Jesus Christ is the unwillingness to receive counsel. We see this at Bethel when a man leaves without the approval of his counselor. I am reminded of Proverbs 3:5&6; “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and […]