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The Impulsive Aberration

Impulsiveness is a very powerful force that confounds all of us, especially when it is tied to addiction. Time and again the counsel given to an excessively impulsive person fails. You can lay out the irrationality of their decision to take flight and they do not have ears to hear. Sometimes the person will agree… Read More »The Impulsive Aberration

The Scars of Sin

As I think about the souls that have been scarred by sin I am reminded of a battlefield littered with the dead and wounded. However, in this case, it is family members and loved ones that have been scarred by the sins of others. Before coming to Christ, I remember seeing a young man in… Read More »The Scars of Sin

The Darkness of Addiction

The darkness of the soul of one in the bondage of addiction is apparent. It engulfs their countenance. The darkness that they have succumbed to is a spiritual darkness that the world does not comprehend. Matthew 4:16 speaks of those who “sit in darkness”. This position of sitting denotes one who has become used to (is… Read More »The Darkness of Addiction

The Self-Centeredness of An Addict

In thinking of the pain and suffering inflicted on the families of addicts, it is not surprising that they (the families) exhibit reluctance, reservation and suspicion of the addicted family member. The addict has planted unbelievable, unimaginable aberrant behavior in the home. This IED (improvised explosive disorder) is manifested by wounding all of those around… Read More »The Self-Centeredness of An Addict

The Love of Evil

As our culture drifts towards evil, the distinction concerning good and evil slowly fades. Unless the saint is grounded, rooted and disciplined in the faith, he will more than likely end up like the children of Israel during the time of Judges. “Then the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord… Read More »The Love of Evil

The Name of Jesus

As I talk with students at Bethel, I am confronted with the secular teachings of other drug and substance abuse facilities that many of them have been through. These facilities may have a religious aspect to them which will mention God in one form or another. They may even have a requirement of repentance for… Read More »The Name of Jesus


One of the most prevalent factors facing all of us in the tribulations of life is NOT KNOWING. In this article I especially want to address the wounded families who have a loved one in the bondage of addiction. Along with any addiction will come lies, deception, passivity, violence, fear, anger, depression and many other… Read More »NOT KNOWING