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A Touch for A Leper

Multitudes of souls are suffering emotionally, physically, and mentally. In one sense, they are victims of a bad environment; be it family, friends, or extreme poverty. In another sense, they are the victims of their foolish, reckless, and unimaginable choices that poison the soul with depravity. In any case, the pain and suffering experienced is… Read More »A Touch for A Leper

Grasping for the Wind

People everywhere are troubled by searching for meaning and significance in the things that are temporal and earthly. I see the frantic look in the eyes of those who are grasping tightly to the places, persons, or things that they are on the verge of losing. The harder they squeeze the sand of this world… Read More »Grasping for the Wind


One of the most prevalent factors facing all of us in the tribulations of life is NOT KNOWING. In this article I especially want to address the wounded families who have a loved one in the bondage of addiction. Along with any addiction will come lies, deception, passivity, violence, fear, anger, depression and many other… Read More »NOT KNOWING

Fear – A Volatile Emotion

I would like to address the spirit of fear that we are all susceptible to experiencing. This emotion can overrun us before we know what hit us. It is like a flood that gains strength coming down a mountain stream. You are sitting by the bank not suspecting or seeing the coming deluge. Then you… Read More »Fear – A Volatile Emotion