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Genuine Faith

I am awed at the power of God to instill in us an affection for God and a hunger and thirst after righteousness. (Mt. 5:6) I remember how God put into me, at the point of my salvation at 29 years old, an understanding that my old fleshly desires and love of this world was […]

The Darkness of Addiction

The darkness of the soul of one in the bondage of addiction is apparent. It engulfs their countenance. The darkness that they have succumbed to is a spiritual darkness that the world does not comprehend. Matthew 4:16 speaks of those who “sit in darkness”. This position of sitting denotes one who has become used to (is […]

The Laodicean Malady

I am confounded by many who are professed Christians in a lukewarm condition. It is a condition, on one hand, that demonstrates the absence of any spiritual fervor for the Lord and, on the other hand, a bruising indictment on the Laodicean church. God’s word to them is “because you are lukewarm and neither cold nor […]

Passivity: Fertile Ground for Temptation

One of the common traits I see in believers who have succumbed to defeat of varying degrees is passivity. The passive believer is entangled into a web of complacency, not knowing that he is even in the web he has gotten himself into. For those of us who are trying to help, it is as […]

The Peril of Complacency

In dealing with people who have issues, I am reminded of the Scripture; “These people draw near to Me with their mouth and honor Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me. And, in vain they worship Me….” Matthew 15:8-9. There is a pretension that all is well with the Lord while […]