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Genuine Faith

I am awed at the power of God to instill in us an affection for God and a hunger and thirst after righteousness. (Mt. 5:6) I remember how God put into me, at the point of my salvation at 29 years old, an understanding that my old fleshly desires and love of this world was… Read More »Genuine Faith

The Darkness of Addiction

The darkness of the soul of one in the bondage of addiction is apparent. It engulfs their countenance. The darkness that they have succumbed to is a spiritual darkness that the world does not comprehend. Matthew 4:16 speaks of those who “sit in darkness”. This position of sitting denotes one who has become used to (is… Read More »The Darkness of Addiction

The Laodicean Malady

I am confounded by many who are professed Christians in a lukewarm condition. It is a condition, on one hand, that demonstrates the absence of any spiritual fervor for the Lord and, on the other hand, a bruising indictment on the Laodicean church. God’s word to them is “because you are lukewarm and neither cold nor… Read More »The Laodicean Malady

The Peril of Complacency

In dealing with people who have issues, I am reminded of the Scripture; “These people draw near to Me with their mouth and honor Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me. And, in vain they worship Me….” Matthew 15:8-9. There is a pretension that all is well with the Lord while… Read More »The Peril of Complacency