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The Scars of Sin

As I think about the souls that have been scarred by sin I am reminded of a battlefield littered with the dead and wounded. However, in this case, it is family members and loved ones that have been scarred by the sins of others. Before coming to Christ, I remember seeing a young man in… Read More »The Scars of Sin

The Befuddlement of Sin

One statement I hear in counseling time and time again is; “I don’t know why I did it!” The Scriptures talk of sin taking opportunity to produce in us all manner of evil desire. Romans 7:8 The patriarch Augustine tells of his first encounter with this malady when as a child he stole pears from… Read More »The Befuddlement of Sin

The Baggage of Sin

I recently ran across a quote I had saved on a 4×6 card by a Confederate General in the Civil War. General Richard Ewell offered the soldiers under his command this bit of advice; “The road to glory cannot be followed with much baggage.” This advice could apply to emotional baggage as well as physical… Read More »The Baggage of Sin

Sin Is The Problem!

Two things were emphasized in the Lord’s admonition to the woman caught in adultery; “Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more”. Both ingredients are needed by the sinner. It seems to me in my years of counseling that more emphasis is given the first admonition; “Neither do I condemn you” than the… Read More »Sin Is The Problem!