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The Canker of Resentment

There are many people suffering from a canker in their soul called resentment. Resentment can be caused by many differing circumstances such as neglect, offense, abandonment, abuse (verbal, physical and/or sexual), envy, jealousy, covetousness, rejection, etc. When the name of the offender comes up the person with the canker in their soul is more likely… Read More »The Canker of Resentment

“Give Papa A Kiss”

Thanksgiving and Christmas can often be times of hurt, resentment and loneliness. They can bring pleasant or unpleasant memories. My prayer for you, my readers, is that you will make every effort to be a “peace maker” during this time. “Blessed are the peace makers; for they shall be called the sons of God.” (Matt… Read More »“Give Papa A Kiss”

The Name of Jesus

As I talk with students at Bethel, I am confronted with the secular teachings of other drug and substance abuse facilities that many of them have been through. These facilities may have a religious aspect to them which will mention God in one form or another. They may even have a requirement of repentance for… Read More »The Name of Jesus


One of the most prevalent factors facing all of us in the tribulations of life is NOT KNOWING. In this article I especially want to address the wounded families who have a loved one in the bondage of addiction. Along with any addiction will come lies, deception, passivity, violence, fear, anger, depression and many other… Read More »NOT KNOWING


Another rampant violation of God’s law among believers is the sin of unforgiveness. An unforgiving spirit can occur as a result of abandonment, rejection, hurt, pride, anger, unresolved conflict, jealousy, envy, covetousness, sensitivity, abuse (physical, verbal or sexual) just to name a few. The sense of being wronged, warranted or not, seems to be the… Read More »Unforgiveness