"But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you."
Matthew 6:33

Bethel Colony of Mercy

Looking for a free (except for a minimal entry fee) drug and alcohol rehab with a faith-based approach using the Bible and Christian principles in counseling? Then, Bethel Colony of Mercy, located in Lenoir, North Carolina, is the place for you. With only an entry fee of $250.00, Bethel Colony is a 65-day residential program that teaches victory over sin through Jesus Christ and the Bible. This is done through classroom teaching, audio tapes, counseling both at the Colony and online, homework, worship services and work projects. Our program is designed to provide a vital context in which men are encouraged to know Christ personally and to understand the practical outworking of the Word of God in meeting every need. Daily teaching, counseling, devotionals, guided personal Bible study and prayer provide the means by which these objectives are accomplished. This, combined with a disciplined schedule, healthful climate, nutritious food and relaxing recreation, soon restores a measure of physical health and a more positive mental outlook. The residents also participate in routine maintenance of the facilities, general upkeep of the grounds and community projects. Bethel Colony's program is primarily designed to produce in each man a more effective lifestyle in which he allows Jesus Christ to take control. Please read About Bethel Colony under Who We Are for more information.

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People in addiction cycles often believe they have "all the time in the world" to get over their problem. They are blinded to the fact the sands in the hourglass are slowly emptying. Life is terminal. Scripture tells us that we are only promised this moment and that our journey on this earth is like the "flowers of the grass which grow, wither then fade away." My time at Bethel as a student in 2008, staff in 2009 and now again as a Franciscan volunteer assisting with the launch of a women's program has made one thing very clear. Every addict must start with the unshakable recognition they need help. There are no short cuts, quick fixes or magic solutions. Jesus came to "seek and save those who are lost" but we have to admit & confess our brokenness evidenced by sin. Every story is different but the themes are similar and healing destination the same. It's a rugged cross on a craggy hill inviting anyone to come with all the soiled baggage of a blown up life. No problem is too great. Valleys of burned up dreams can blossom with new life. A dead heart and spirit can be revived again. But it takes a step on the part of someone desperate. This morning I'm reminding myself and sharing with others that a welcoming lighthouse of love is in Lenoir, NC waiting for the next miracle to happen. ... See MoreSee Less

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Recently Bethel partnered again with the Caldwell County Chamber of Commerce for the annual Blackberry Festival 2017. Our guys made wooden platforms to carry in delectable cobblers and pies. We also had a tent and presentation on the opioid crisis nationally and the profound problems in North Carolina. A life-sized open coffin was made by some of the men and in it data was featured from a recent report from the governor’s office and photos of celebrities through the years who have died of overdoses. People young and old stopped. Looked. Pondered. Some we interviewed while asking three simple questions. 1. Is there a drug and addiction crisis today? 2. Why? 3. What can be done to solve the problem? Answers varied and will be shared in the days ahead. Here’s what one man had to say while we took Bethel’s message to the streets. ... See MoreSee Less

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“People struggling with addiction frequently lead chaotic lives. Those who love them are bruised and broken by their choices as they try to steer them in new healthy directions. It’s common and concerning. Many days you don’t know what to do. Listen here for some practical insights and advice from our Executive Director Paul Pruitt. More than 500 new students will listen to his advice this year. They learn from him and a seasoned pastoral team each day. You can too on this episode of “Because You Asked!”

"Because You Asked!" Episode #18
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Bethel Colony has recently registered with the AmazonSmile program, where Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organizations selected by their customers. So please be sure to go through the AmazonSmile to make your Amazon purchases and select Bethel Colony as your charitiable organization!